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We are devoted to provide supply chain services to help improve manufacturing.

Be your reliable supply chain management partner to success. Create value for the continual improvement and sustainable development of your supply chain management.

DRSCM provides customers intelligent management tools to allow a quick, intuitive, convenient and real-time acquisition of product status in manufacturing.

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Non-durable consumer goods

With over 20 years trading and QC experience on the non-durable consumer goods which covers garment, accessories, fabric and footwear, we have a profound understanding of your quality demand on the products and are able to provide you professional quality assurance.

DRSCM QC service on the non-durable consumer goods will help you receive safe and quality products. The category covers:






Infant's wear


Plush product

Head wear

Home textile

Leather product

Garment accessories

Durable consumer goods

We have professional and experienced inspectors and auditors to provide professional quality assurance and supply chain conformance management in the fields of home ware, toy, electronics, electric appliance, gift, offering, etc..

Through DRSCM online system, you will be able to customize your inspection standard and get professional QC service. Category covers:

Home ware


Fashion accessories

Sport equipment



Electronic and electrical product